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OROP:My salute to Col Suryavanshi-fB post

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Sk Pandey

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I have never been in favor of painting everyone with same brush, just read the story below. My salute to Col Suryavanshi

I was happy with the meager pay that I was getting in Army since 1975.

My first pay was INR 800 /. After marriage, and two daughters, we still managed to make ends meet without savings. Sixth pay commission gave my wife some breather who managed family finances and expenditure.

As both girls reached College and wanted to do post-graduation and MBA, I had no option but to take up a civil job as Manager in MNC pharma company for second income as Pension was inadequate for education expenditure projected then.

I worked hard and was promoted as Head Corporate Admin in four years. The pay was good. Girls finished their post-graduation and MBAs and are working for the last six years.

I left job moment both girls were picked up by companies during campus placement.

Now when I look back on my last pay drawn from Army, my present pension is 2.5 times of that last gross pay. It is more than adequate and I would say, is very comfortable for both of us and we do some charity too.

I do not need more. I shall take what seventh pay commission gives me. That will give me more capability to help girl students who need money for education.

But do I want more through O R O P?

No. I feel that would amount to greed. In our society I have seen people with surplus money, they are flushing out funds. A colonel donated Rs 1 lac for Children Park, one widow donated Rs 1 lac for upkeep of Children Park.

Most of them have no liability. Children are abroad and earning 1000 times more than their pension. When I see careless women withdraw money from society ATM and throw printouts in dustbin, I find five thousand to six figure balances in saving accounts.

The question is for what do we need extra money for? All medical aspects, care and emergency treatments have been taken care of by E C H S. Society SOP will take care of our body once we depart. Even C S D pays Rs 5000 /- for last rites. What pension we are getting now is more than adequate. Lucky survivors will get more after seventh pay commission. For me, health is wealth, I have adequate money for health and food for both of us.

Most of us are in a Vanprasthashram stage and mode.

I need to let go of many worldly possessions and things that we accumulated (now junk), over last 40 years. And frankly, money is one of them.

A very senior retired General from Kashmir who has a huge bungalow at Pune, is Director of a company, rolling in money, had cheeks to write to P M Modi for compensation for his rented out ancestral home at Srinagar for flood damage.

That, I feel, is pure greed and shameful act for a General.

Jai Hind!
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