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Shaheed Lt. Sushil Khajuria .

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Submitted by admin on Fri, 23/10/2015 - 21:17

Can the IPS or central police forces boast of such sacrifices? It is the Indian Army whose young commissioned officers lead from the front. The ratio of the casualties of the officers to men is the highest in the Indian Armed Forces. No other organisation can match our armed forces where the officers and soldiers fight together unlike police where the Sahib sits in the office and sends the men to tackle any emergency.

Indians breathe fresh air just because of the sacrifice of such brave sons of the nation.

However the Netas/Babus remain unjust to our soldiers.

Even after 68 years of independence, the Indian Govt. has not made any national war memorial to remember the sacrifice of such heroes who gave their life so that Indians can live.

The soldiers have to sit on dharna to get their dues like One Rank One Pension. Cannot the babus/netas of India act in a graceful manner? Shame on them.

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SSBCrack with Billu Vinod Jasta

Shaheed Lt. Sushil Khajuria .
He was martyred in Kupwara distt.(Kashmir).
He was just 26.
Salute & Respect

Sriram Kalyanasundaram
Sriram Kalyanasundaram Salute to a great warrior
Piyare Lal Verma
Arvind Singh
Себастиан палатти
Себастиан палатти Salute...To our Heros...Why war lay wreaths and flowers on the day of death and birthdays and forget them on other days...It is good no memorial is built by these babus orelse they will extract commission over that also...Jai Hind.
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