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Dear Air Cmde Govindarajan, by Sivasankar Vidyasagar

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Submitted by admin on Thu, 15/10/2015 - 08:05
Sivasankar Vidyasagar
Dear Air Cmde Govindarajan, 
This attitude of yours that our service chief are Gods and can not be faulted has brought our Armed Forces to this state. Has any Service Chief in recent times fought for rights of Sepoys or Sailors or Airman ?
Govindarajan what do you say of two Sepoys of same length of service and same gp but retiring in a gap of just when one gets higher pension another gets almost half .
You might not have bothered to know pain of a Sepoy. Let me explain because had you known how our pre – 2006 JCOs and OR were cheated of their legitimate pensions you would not have praised Service Chiefs to skies like you did. A Sepoy or Airman of Group Y with 15 years’ service and retires in Jan 2006 gets pay of Rs 12,000 and pension of Rs 6,000. But when another Sepoy of same group and length of service retires in Dec 2005 i..e one month prior gets pension of Rs 3500. Yet, you still say our Service Chiefs are wonderful to have this huge disparity in pension.
My dear Govindarajan what do you know problem of Sepoy when you draw fat pension of Rs 62,000 pm how a Sepoy who loses Rs 2450 pm + DR every month from Jan 2006 feels and suffers. I am sure you know me as CE (AF) WAC Palam when you were AOC of 12 Wing. We Army Officers are trained to protect our subordinates and I am sure you would have done the same when you were AOC Chandigarh. So my dear friend do not tell me “Oh do not berate service chiefs”. If you have the guts go through mail of Sepoys to Sub Maj in the social media and answer one of them. Truth is bitter. Either you stand up for your subordinates or get out.
Even I have wagged my tail when I was in service but when we are three fourths in our graves let us have 00s to face truth, speak truth and appreciate truth.
I did not expect this kind of sycophancy from you. 
How senior officers like you do not have the guts to raise you voice against injustice meted out to JCOs and OR.
I have not responded to you like this to get some shabhashi from JCOs and OR. I did it because I feel for them and I believe their predicament today is entirely due to fault of Service Chiefs. Lt Cols would have been in PB-3 but for Adm Sureesh Mehta, CNS at that time who had the guts to tell that Govt of India that Navy will not accept 6th CPC scales of pay. 
If our Officers from Armed Forces are getting entitled rations it is because of Service Chiefs like Adm Ronny Periera and Gen KV Krishna Rao. 
If we have a service chiefs of period 1973 to 1975 when pension of JCOs and NCOs were reduced from 70% to 50% and further reduced to 37% because of 33 year rule, Armed Forces will continue to be downgraded.
Govindarajan, I thought you as former AOC would stand up even at this stage of life to JCOs and OR. I am sure you would have realised if you as AOC could complete your flying hours do not forget these lowly Airmen to MWO who came to hangars at 0300 hrs to make your IL – 76s and AN – 12s take off from Chandigarh to Leh and back all 365 days.
If you can not respect them but do not praise these gutless service chiefs who brought these wonderful JCOs and OR to this pitiable condition.
Govindarajan, when you go with wife, children and grand children to a shopping mall and when you see an Airman opening door for you to enter, has it every occurred to you it was the same Airman who served in your service career with pride and now living a pitiable life like a guard. Who brought him to this state. Is it not your service chief whom you so proudly want to praise and has the gumption to tell me “No No Vidyasagar, Our Service Chiefs did what they could or not but you know when these Airmen were sent to this world God told them you will live a miserable life in IAF but there after you will live like a dog as an Ex-Servicemen. After all it is fate my dear Vidyasagar. Why blame Service Chief where as it is Fate you should blame for condition of Airman”.
Well Govindarajan You won and I lost and lost very miserably.
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Kalyan Sharma
Kalyan Sharma Just wait....the tym and place of his death already decided by God
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Cbsingh Rajput
Cbsingh Rajput Kya kah sakte h
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Trinath Pradhan
Trinath Pradhan Kick govind
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Madan Singh Chauhan
Madan Singh Chauhan Sir marvellous. you said rightly about the condition of other ranks. A big salute to you sir. Govindan like person is curse for our country
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Surendra P Singroha
Surendra P Singroha Lot of thanks Vidhya sagar sir ...... we appreciate your concern. .....Seniors get heart full respect he they care for the subordinates. ..... Armed forces are alive due to persons like you, who understands the pain of subordinates. .......
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Dharmendra Vidyarthi
Dharmendra Vidyarthi Thanks for concern Mr Vidyasagar ji. I appreciate it but I would like to assure u that ex airmen r leading very respectful life after ditching IAF. Thanx 2 offrs like Govindrajan who treated airmen like a object. Only bcoz of these indian angrez iaf i...See More
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Yudhister Yadav
Yudhister Yadav Good thinking gohead & shows there ? ;
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Thoppil Babu Ramakrishnan
Thoppil Babu Ramakrishnan Real OLQ speaks..Hats off to you SIR.
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Kedarnath Yadav
Kedarnath Yadav Hats off to u Sir for writing truth, very few can do that. Pple like Govindrajan must know, whom God want to destroy , first make them mad with power, b it nazy Hitler , Saddam or Gaddafi.
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Ratansingh Nirban
Ratansingh Nirban Sir , a great salut to u sir
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Golam Nabi
Golam Nabi A big salute for calling a spade a spade.
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Yogesh Newpaney
Yogesh Newpaney Beautifully said n needless to say its 100% from ur heart...
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Shailendra Shailendra
Shailendra Shailendra Great great guts to say that being a field officer itself . hats off to u . BEST N MOST SINCERE REGARDS!
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Shailendra Shailendra
Shailendra Shailendra Great words ! Great sentiments ! A REAL LEADER as an Officer u r sir !
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Jagtar Singh
Jagtar Singh this air Cmdr might have not seen or read the news paper cutting about the property of former chief's relative taken over by the ED because of bribe of about 300 crore rupee. which was post on same sight.
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Anil Mathur
Anil Mathur I can understand the pain and anguish, officers who mattered failed their juniors to garner maximum (all) benefits for themselves - so what is the difference left between politicians and such officers? I am glad that JCOs and ORs have now woken up and taken up their 'fight' for what they rightly deserve, so keep it up as your perseverence will finally pay.
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Mahendra Kumar Shukla
Mahendra Kumar Shukla An officer should always keep one thing in mind that ultimately he has to come out and live with us. So as you sow shall you reap. Officers betrayal has only given birth to Voice of exservicemen (ORS)Which is going to be biggest organization. My regards to Sh. Vidyasagar ji for showing humantarian view.
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Gangaram Tikare
Gangaram Tikare Dear sir voow what a beautiful way you have expressed the pain of Airmen n others .What sweetness of your heart for below placed .I have no words to express.............. The humanity servay just because of like you.
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Rohit Dwivedi
Rohit Dwivedi Now its politics
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Prem Prashar
Prem Prashar Thank u Sir for projecting the correct picture and condition of pre1996 and 2006 Jcos and Ors .I have retired in 1995 as MWO , served asMWO for 8yrs .Presently my BP and1yr MWO is same.
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Anant Sahoo
Anant Sahoo Truth is truth, it does not need any help.This type coward & selfish offrs only responsible for downgrading the airmen & equivalents. Days are not far away, they will get their results very soon,kiunki logon ka aah kabhi khali nahi jata.
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