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Sivasankar Vidyasagar

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Submitted by admin on Sat, 24/10/2015 - 12:15

Dear Sir,
I can rebut all allegations levelled against me by one Lt Col MG Kapoor at behest of IESM and who prides that he practiced law for 32 years and is still going strong. If his understanding of our legal case to be filed for getting correct pension as on Jan 2006 to all officers in first phase and for all JCOs, OR and family pensioners in second phase is so faulty I can only pity that old man who appears to be suffering from senility. Even law says man of unsound mind is not guilty. So is Lt Col MG Kapoor.
Our case has nothing to do with OROP. Our case starts and finishes with getting our correct pensions as on Jan 2006. We do not ask for yearly increase in pension or once in two years etc. That is OROP. We are not straying into the subject of OROP in our prayer to be filed very shortly in AFT Delhi. 
As you know all those pre- 2006 Officers who put in 33 years’ service get pension at minimum of fitment table of SAI 2/S/2008 irrespective of number of increments earned. For example a Colonel who might have earned eight increments also gets the same pension of Rs 27,795 like another Col who takes PMR with no increment after putting 26 years’ service (26+7 rank weightage = 33 years hence full pension). So Col with 8 increments has to get higher pension than Col with no increment. It is so simple but IESM and Lt Col MG Kapoor can not understanad it (for obvious reasons).

Govt of India filed a review petition in hon’ble Supreme Court against judgment of AFT Chandigarh which ruled that pension of 53 pre – 2006 Maj Gens, R Adms and AVMs be fixed as given to post – 2006 Maj Gens of same seniority which includes increments earned by them
The judgment of HSC is likely to be delivered on 02 Nov 2015. Though Govt of India implemented judgment of AFT Chandigarh to the 53 pre – 2006 Maj Gens by paying them pension more than minimum of Rs 30,350, it has dragged them to the HSC in the hope that Govt may win the case in HSC on 02 Nov 2015.
If Govt of India really has to take shelter of sub - judice clause (as proclaimed by Lt Col MG Kapoor) then would they announce OROP in some form on 05 Sep 2015 when 53 pre – 2006, Maj Gens, R Adms and AVMs filed a case in AFT Chandigarh against wrong fixation of pension as on Jan 2006?
What was the case all about?
53 Maj Gens argued before AFT Chandigarh that pensions of pre – 2006 Maj Gens should be same as their counterparts who retired as on Jan 2006. It means a pre - 2006 Maj Gen with no increment will get pension at minimum of fitment table of SAI 2/S/2008 which is Rs 30,350. A pre- 2006 Maj Gen who earned say 2 increments will get pension of Rs 30,350 + X and another pre – 2006 Maj Gen say with four increments will get pension of Rs 30,350 + X + Y. It is as simple as that.
Now Sir, consider is this OROP?
If it is OROP then are we asking for yearly or once in two yearly increase in pension?
Is asking for similar benefit in pensions as on Jan 2006 to all officers from rank of Lt to Brig (now 11 Maj Gens, 3 RAdms and 9AVMs have also joined us) has anything to do with OROP?
I doubt very much whether Lt Col MG Kapoor even understands what is OROP.
IESM which never tolerates any other organisation coming up to help veterans is spreading canards against me one after another.
It started with my tables of arrears of pensions from Jan 2006 to 23 Sep 2012 for Officers and 26 tables for JCOs, NCOs and OR. IESM got legal opinion of Maj Navdeep Singh who practices in AFT Chandigarh (the same upstart who advised Lt Gen Harwant Singht to limit his writings to matters military) who issued a fatwa to all followers of IESM “If you use tables of arrears of Brig CS Vidyasagar, you will face serious consequences”. Not satisfied with this, IESM roped in Air Mshl SY Savur who mildly said “Yes there are some inaccuracies in the tables prepared by the Brig”. Then they dragged Brig Chander Kamboj REPORT MY SIGNAL blog to throw little more mud but he after throwing mud at me in the last sentence says “I hold Brig CS Vidyasagar in high esteem for doing service to veteran community” or words to that effect. 
Now the situation is like this: Many officers have written to me stating that they got pension arrears from banks as per my calculations. Some got Rs 19 more than what I calculated and some got Rs 14 less than what I calculated. So range of inaccuracy in my tables is Rs 3,15,415+/- Rs 19 as on today for Brig less Income Tax.
On 23 Oct 2015, a NCO (I think he is Hav) rang me up and told me excitedly that he got pension arrears of Rs 1,28,500 which is what I calculated for his rank.
Syndicate Bank, Hebbal, IAF complex, Bengaluru requested one of their clients to get from me tables of pension arrears for JCOs and OR as they found my tables of arrears for Officers was accurate. So they want to follow my tables for JCO and OR.
I get innumerable mails, SMS, Facebook post, Whatsapp messages from JCOs, NCOs, OR and widows all over Inida as to how much arrears are they likely to get.
So much for propaganda of IESM about my tables for pension arrears!!
Next course of action of IESM is to wean away officers who joined TSEWA for fighting legal cases to get their legitimate pensions. Not one officer has left TSEWA in spite of best efforts of IESM and every day we get envelopes containing Vakalatanamas and cheques from 40 to 50 Officers. I expected not more than 50 officers to join us in our legal battle. Now the figure is 520 as on 24 Oct 2015 (at 0430 hrs IST).
Since IESM asked for it, let me tell you few facts about this organisation.
I was joint secy of this organisation from 16 Nov 2014 to 12 Jun 2015 when I resigned in disgust from all posts including primary membership of IESM. You need to know the reasons.
I found IESM is most unethical and unscrupulous organisation I have ever seen.
They cheat Income Tax Dept by saying they get only Rs 20 as membership fee from NCOs & OR where as they collect Rs 100 which includes forcible donation of Rs 80. The same practice with JCOs who are forced to donate Rs 160 and Officers who are forced to donate Rs 400. Is donation voluntary or is it forced? This is to show low income to cheat Income Tax dept.
IESM is dominated by gang of five led by Maj Gen Satbir Singh who proclaims himself to be Chairman. Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana has decreed Lt Gen Raj Kadyan is the lawful Chairman of IESM. Can IESM show the judgment of the hon’ble High court which says Maj Gen Satbir Singh is the Chariman of IESM? Even Registrar of Societies Haryana has said it is Lt Gen Raj Kadyan who is the lawful Chairman of IESM. 
The Governing body is dominated by gang of five. i.e. Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Gp Capt VK Gandhi, Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Cdr Ravindra Pathak and to lesser extent Col RP Chaturvedi. Balance 16 members have been rendered as robots by showering them with air fares and Executive class travel in Shatabdi and Rajdhani Trains. So poor JCOs, NCOs and OR are paying for air travel of these 21 Governing Body members.
IESM asks state units to organise rallies in various locations. When donations are collected to an extent of Rs 2 to 3 lakhs and deposited with IESM, they give pittance of Rs 10,000 for organising rallies and pocket balance.
When IESM was invited to join UFESM, I warned some in IESL “you do not know what you are doing. IESM will hijack UFESM and make money using UFESM as platform”. My prediction was proved correct. Pl ask Lt Gen Balbir Singh, Chairman of IESL why he invited IESM and why he was forced to dissolve UFESM.
Can you ask Maj Gen Satbir Singh to explain how donations received by IESM are to be used for air travel by him and his gang of five to visit various places in the garb of explaining seven anomalies of OROP and hold press conferences in star hotels and humour press walas?
If you have seen OROP debates in TV in Aug and first week of Sep 2015, all panellists of UFESM are from IESM. Maj Gen Satbir Singh is publicity crazy even if he can not speak because of his hoarseness in his throat. But he has to be in front of TV cameras. Do you think there are no good veterans in IESL and other constituents of UFESM who can articulate OROP in TV panel discussions?
You can see the morality of IESM when they call themselves UFESM and collect crores of rupees by hoodwinking gullible Ex-Servicemen and they do not put their accounts in public domain i.e. what is expenditure and for what purpose. How can they put up their accounts because it will show air travel, travel in Executive class in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, press conferences in star hotels all over India, showering of costly gifts to press walas?
When UFESM is dissolved, in Sep 2015, why IESM calls itself as UFESM/IESM?
Even when UFESM was functional you have seen banners of only IESM in Jantar Mantar and not of UFESM.
You may ask a question “How long Relay Hunger Strike will continue in JM, Delhi?” My answer is “As long as innocent Ex-Servicemen continue to put their hard earned money into donation boxes of IESM at JM New Delhi”.
When Sepoy A of 15 years’ service with basic pay of Rs 4,300 as on Dec 2005 and from Y Group gets pay of Rs 12,000 and if he retires in Jan 2006, he gets pension of Rs 6000. Sepoy B of same service, same gp, same basic pay retires in Dec 2005(just one month before) he gets pension of Rs 3,748. Is this fair? TSEWA will file a case in AFT Delhi for Sepoy B also to get pension of Rs 6,000 pm without DR. Loss suffered by Sepoy B of Rs 2,252 acceptable to you Sir? As officers is it not our responsibility to look after welfare of JCOs, NCOs, OR and family pensioners?
Now I draw your attention to Circular 549. It says Hony Nk (Sepoy) will get pension one Rupee less than regular Naik. Hony Havildar (Nk) will get pension of Rupee one less than regular Havildar. Then by the same logic should not Hony Nb Subs, Hony Subs and Hony Sub Majs also pension less than one rupee of regular Nb Subs, Subs and Sub Majs? Should we not fight for their just correct pension?
Should not IESM in stead of fighting OROP ( as it benefits Officers more than JCOs, NCOs and OR in monetary terms) all the time, can not they ask for restoration of 70% of last drawn emoluments as pension for JCOs and OR as it prevailed pre - 1973?
This makes one thing very clear. IESM is exploiting JCOs, NCOs and OR without doing anything for their welfare. If JCOs, NCOs and OR still want to be with IESM who did nothing for them, then it is their choice. I have no complaints. 
If any member of TSEWA who believe in canards spread by IESM about me and futility of our filing a case to get our correct pensions as on Jan 2006, Sir, you are most welcome to write to Lt Col G Parvathesam, Treasurer, TSEWA to refund your membership fee of Rs 160 and also your legal fees of Rs 5,000.
You have only choice: Either your trust me or you trust IESM.
With profound regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

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Oa James
Oa James We should all be together. A person like me , living in Kerala,had no idea of all this till now.So after reading Brig Sivasankar Vidyasagar , whom I have great regards , my sincere wish is WE SHOULD ALL WORK TOGETHER.
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Dharam Raj Singh
Dharam Raj Singh OROP is taking far too long. Someone should talk to the government about OROP & conclude things. TSEWA has a separate agenda, of which IESM is not yet aware of. It's not even funny. How can IESM stop OTHERS from doing a good job?
Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs
Prasannakumar KV
Prasannakumar KV After all, mud slinging is something we Indians resort to when we find we cannot match somebody's actions. Ignore the ignorant, Sir.
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Uttam Reddykallu
Uttam Reddykallu Sir, I'm from telangana state kindly guide me to take membership and sign vakalatnama procedure as time is running out.
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Rajive Kohli
Rajive Kohli I admire you Sir as you have a very clear understanding along with selfless dedication. 

OROP is also important issue and IESM has taken it up which no one had done ever. ...See More

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Lt-Gen Prakash Chaudhary
Lt-Gen Prakash Chaudhary U continue wid ur work. Do not get distracted. Humility & sincerity always pays. But vidya I am yet to receive the tables for offrs & pbor. I hav requested u thrice. My email , Let each one of us do gud for vetrans as also mankind in our humble way.
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S K S Kulbir
S K S Kulbir Let everyone understand that for anamoly redressal legal channel is a time tested mechanism. To get a new policy implemented we need to lobbying through political channels. We should supplement our efforts to uplift one and all exservice men. We need to work on multi channel together to achieve our goal.
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Col Sarbjit Singh
Col Sarbjit Singh Who is Delhi Coordinator
Like · Reply · 3 hrs · Edited
Krishan Kumar
Krishan Kumar Continue with good work you are doing. Let UFESM also try OROP , the way they want. Both are for the benefit of ESMs of all rank and services.
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Col Sarbjit Singh
Col Sarbjit Singh Sir, Desh ki Azadi Teen patkar ke logon se praapat hui Subash Chander Bose , Bhagat Singh , Bapu Gandhi. All Three took three different routes to reach same destination. OROP is going through same process.
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Mahesh Vakharia
Mahesh Vakharia The mud slinging was inevitable , bcoz of Humble efforts by Respected Veteran Sir Vidyasagar , they stand no where near by. It is out of , their feeling of side lined by many of their follower. Col Sarbjit Singh has given nice example, there are different way to achieve the common Goal , Route may differ. Regards .
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Amit Abha
Amit Abha Go ahead Sivasankar Vidyasagar : logically your stand on fixation of Pension seems right and we must not unduly mix it with OROP, We are together & must go ahead. Surprisingly our friends are becoming jealous instead of helping.
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Balmiki Singh
Balmiki Singh Brig CS Vidyasagar Sir, justice does not go with lawyer's experience as to for how many years an Advocate is practicing.This man (So called Lt Col kapoor) is totally devoide of any logic.So must be put into TRASH category.Fellows pleaders like him are the GLITTERING examples of RAPISTs OF JUSTICE.That is all I can brand him OFF.
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Vrajendra Dev Bhanot
Vrajendra Dev Bhanot why no one has trusted him with any case if he is such a great lawyer
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Akhileshwar Singh
Akhileshwar Singh Sir continue the good work being done specially for our men. No one has worked for this cause. OROP and Trisrvices should work for the Aim which is for Defence forces. My good wishes to both
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Inder Jit Chopra
Inder Jit Chopra Sad to read what Vidyasagar has written.It means Satbir and Co have found a vocation for themselves after retirement.I do not wish to believe it could wholly be true.
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Gora Sarkar
Gora Sarkar Brig Vidyasagar, keep up the good work.
Like · Reply · 2 hrs
Sundararaj Respected sir, Just wipe out such fog on your wind screen , Get started & March forward. When Almighty's grace & blessings of our's (PBOR) are with u, nobody can be an obstacle. 

Sir, one more request is kly brief the procedure to become a member of TSEWA & instrs reg the money deposit. Regards.

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Surender Vig
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Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma Just Forgive such people for they do not know what they are doing.
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Raghav Kumar Choudhary
Raghav Kumar Choudhary Ye nahi sudhrega...ap badhte chaleSee Translation
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