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“ As old saying goes, that, a person, who has the `authority’, but does not use it, and a person who does not have the `authority’, but `wields it’ are both `useless’, and/ or `harmful’ to the community/ Society”.
The above proverb appears to be well suited in the case of `Brig (Retd)C.S. Vidya Sagar’ saheb,
Ex-Director, Sainik Welfare, of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State. For, he, being the Highest State Level Officer (A.P), in so far as, matters concerning to Honorable re-settlement/rehabilitation, and Welfare of Ex-servicemen, War widows, Disabled, and their dependant families, are concerned, did more harm during his tenure, than any help to `Ex-servicemen community’, if the understated are any indication :

(a) ` Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State Government, had issued an Order No 743 of 1963, making a PROVISION , for allotment of 5 (Five) acres, in case of Dry Land, and 2 ½ acres, in case of `Wet Land’, to Ex-servicemen /Widows/Disabled, as a re-settlement/rehabilitation measure, and authorized all Administrative Officers in the Revenue Dept., not below the rank of Dy. Tahasildar, for execution ( of the said Order). The GO ibid, is consisting of 2 full length pages, detailing administrative guidelines for the purpose. Since the GO is not a `mandatory, in nature, few influential Ex-servicemen/ Widows, and Disabled, had been fortunate enough in availing the facility, since then ( 1963).
During 2007 (i.e. after over 54 years from the issue of GO, a sincere officer was borne in the State of Andhra Pradesh, and that too in the `Sainik Welfare Department’, to take care of ensuring implementation of the said GO, strictly as per its exact wording ONLY. Brig (Retd), Sri C.S. Vidyasagar Saheb, Ex-Director, Sainik Welfare A.P, dared, and, at once, initiated a letter, without further loss of time, addressing it to Dist. Collectors/ Magistrates of all the 23 Districts, of erstwhile AP , with copies to as many Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers of the State, pin pointing certain clauses (of the GO), which were, till then, received no kind of any attention. One such clause among them, is :-
“The application for assignment of land by Ex-servicemen must be submitted within 12 months from the `Date of Discharge’ ONLY “ 
(which did all the harm to the community}

And, he was also kind enough in advising all the District Collectors of 23 Districts of A.P., ”………… (Therefore) NOT TO ENTERTAIN ANY APPLICATION for assignment of land, coming directly from Serving Soldiers, or Commanding Officers, on behalf of Serving Soldiers. All such applications be returned with advice, that, the `Applicant’ must route his application ONLY AFTER HIS RETIREMENT, THROUGH ZILLA SAINIK WELFARE OFFICER. 
At the same time, he was also very kind in advising all ` Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers’ of all the 23 Districts of Andhra Pradesh, on the same lines.
Thus, he has closed, and permanently sealed the `small window’, opened till then, for both `Serving’ or `Ex-servicemen’ to avail one of the `source of re-settlement’. Because, serving personnel can not apply, because they are in service, and ex-servicemen cannot decide within a year’s time as to which `FIELD’ he should chose to settle down. (i.e. Employment or Agriculture, both are since re-settlement measures). Anyway, thus, he shot down `two birds’ with `only’ bullet (Sharp Shooter). Ex-servicemen from both the States of Andhra Pradesh, and (present) Telangana, are still struggling to` undo’, or suitably get it amended to suit the present situation, every since then (i.e. 2007) but of no avail. ANY WAY, HE WAS VERY KIND ENOUGH IN NOT TOUCHING THE SUBJECT OF `ELIGIBILITY OR OTHERWISE’, (OF THIS PRIVILAGE), IN CASE OF `OFFICERS’, WHICH FACT IS STILL UNCLEAR IN THE MINDS OF MANY. THANKS TO HIM.
Brigadier Saheb’s Second `FEAT’ ; ` Ex-servicemen Finance Corporation’ : It is one of the `common demands’ of ex-servicemen across the Country on the lines of other `Finance Corporations’ of selected categories. It was due to Flt Lt (Retd) M Suresh Reddy’s, efforts, being Chairman, Ex-servicemen Cell, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee, as also being very close `proxy’, to the then Chief Minister of A.P. Sri (Late) Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy, and also NExCC’s relentless campaign for the same (certainly not by any other `force’ or` Source’), the `Demand’ attracted `active attention’ of the Govt., and started taking shape. Sainik Welfare Dept. being Govt.’s wing, the Govt. have called for `comprehensive proposal’ on the issue (from the Dept.). Here, the Brigadier Saheb, using his long experience, mesmerized the `scenario’, and come up with a shocking letter, in jet speed, in which, he has conveniently managed to project a `new Ex-SM Organization, by name `A.P. Ex-servicemen Federation’, which was just BORN to the knowledge of a very few, and struggling to establish its existence, and addressed a letter to its Chairman ( from his own Dist.), appears to be lacing it out with full of cooked up material. The gist of the letter is – `.. ………. referring three letters of `Federation’, purportedly written to him (Director) by the Chairman (Federation), and, while thanking him (Chairman), for his sustained efforts in canvassing among Ex-servicemen community, for raising `AP Ex-servicemen Corpn.’, explained him, of the Corporation’s proposed `shape’ (i.e.. . Corporates or Ex-servicemen Associations - 51% stake, ; State Managing Committee of Flag Day Fund (Minor Stake),; and Govt. of A.P (Minor Stake), and requested him (Chairman of the so called Federation), that once he raises adequate capital (51%), further follow up action will be initiated. He has conveniently ignored both NExCC, and Flt Lt. Suresh Reddy’s, Association ( Ex-Servicemen Cell, Pradesh Congress Committee), who have been vigorously campaigning for the same for several decades, and who are the `root cause’ for its emergence. IN FACT, EVEN UNLIMITED SCOPE OF `FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES’, some of which are like ` TRANSPORT’, SECURITY’ etc., etc., WERE SAID TO HAVE BEEN ENVISAGED UNDER THE SAID CORPORATION. However, on both of our two Organizations ( viz. NExCC, and Ex-servicemen Cell A.P. Congress Committee), strong protest, AND RESISTANCE, the greatly planned of his `dream project’ could not TAKE OFF. And subsequently it remained dormant, following political turmoil that took place in the State upon Sri YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s demise, etc., His pet design to destroy strongest Organizations, is to encourage weakest ones. That trick he has played here.

Brigadier Saheb’s third `Feat’ : `APPOINTMENTS’ IN SINGARENI COLLERIES, A GOVT. COMPANY : In the year 2007, `The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd., (A Govt. Company), has `notified’ 107 vacancies for `Security Guards’ for its Collieries, located at Four Districts of Telangana Region ( viz. Khammam, Warangal, Karimnagar, and Adilabad ), against `Area of Telangana Region’ of the State, as specified in ` A.P.Public Employment (Recruitment as to Residence) Rules 1959’.

In spite of clear directions on the subject, (i.e. to sponsor suitable candidates from these Four Districts), Office of the Director, Sainik Welfare, issued a ` Memo’ to all the 23 Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices of the entire Andhra Pradesh State to sponsor suitable candidates, that too, in the ratio of 1:7. The result is, `commotion’ (at the interview place), lot of `open protests’, `criticism over regional bias’, `scuffle’, and even destruction of property of colliery’s Office, was said to have taken place, resulting in cancellation of the recruitment. Thus, ex-servicemen have missed 107 posts of Govt. jobs, on that occasion. If he was actually interested in helping more ex-servicemen by fully utilizing all the vacancies notified by the Collieries, he could have, at least, notified these vacancies in the entire `Telangana Region’, consisting of 10 Districts, instead of 23 Districts, which step would have been still more justified, besides providing settlement to 107 Ex-servicemen in Govt. jobs,...

Alleged` Misuse of Flag Day Funds’ : It was also the talk of that time, that, before Brigadier sahib assumed the Office, no Director, ever attempted to spend `Flag Day’ Funds for updating his office, or for his frequent tours to Districts , for his out station Stays. But, our `Brigadier sahib’ said to have done it too.

EX-SERVICEMEN DEPARTMENT, A.P. CONGRESS COMMITTEE, even framed 21 serious Charges against him, and arranged 3 hours thorough grilling of him (viz.Brig (Retd) C.S.Vidya Sagar), in the Chambers of the then Home Minister of the State Sri K.JANA REDDY, under whom the Department comes, and IN THE PRESENCE OF ATLEAST 50 Ex-servicemen. The Home Minister promised, and as well ordered a thorough `Enquiry’, but it never saw the light of the day. This is all due to brilliant Managerial capabilities of the Brigadier sahib, who can manage anything in his favor, including that of Courts.