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Submitted by admin on சனி, 19/09/2015 - 14:22

Friends, A super wise man called Chetan Bhagat has come out with an article in dailies questioning why OROP should be given to soldiers. He cited finances, other sectors, money needed for youth employment and senior citizens..I could not hold myself from rebuffing this man and sending this to his mail ID. 
Respected Mr chetan Bhagat, I never questioned the wisdom of jury when they conferred many prizes and awards to you for your writing though there might have been few even better than yours one because it is not my habit to question your wisdom. But , I was stunned to read the article in today’s dailies where you have questioned OROP for soldiers. Now as I am one of those officers and jawans whose candidature for such OROP is questioned by you , I hope I am not disturbing your luxury time by asking these questions. I wish you be as forth coming in replies as you tried to be through articles....
1. Before writing this , did you ever wrote anything about hardship and life danger these soldiers facing every day?
2. Didn’t you ever see soldier in full uniform with his big beddings and other items on his head running and entering in the general coach travelling without a seat as he got no time to reserve a seat? I don’t thing you might have even travelled in a train leaving your business class flight that to may be on sponsored tickets by organisers.
3. Did you ever missed a marriage or unfortunately the last rites of your grand parents (May God they live long if thee are there ) because you could not reach because of any national duty?
4. Did you ever wrote this against big babus already getting OROP ? I think no because many of them may happen to be your friends and relative. 
5. Did you ever tried to find out and write how much this country can save if no neta and other VIP is allowed to have treatment on Govt expense in USA/London?Singapore as they should not be allowed the facility they could not provide to aam aadmi of this country. I think No!!! Because you don’t want to lose your good book relations with them.
6. As you advocated OROP money could have been used for poor senior citizens and for national finances, I humbly ask how much % of your huge income from royalty and writing work you have donated for poors and national cause?

Can ask many more my dear!!!!! But I advise you to check what pension (even after your rain of money on us through OROP) a poor soldier is going to get and is it equal even to one of the servant you may be paying ? The answer will open your eyes and I hope you write something better for soldiers...Even if this is not sufficient then, I challenge you to come out of your luxurious bunglow, catch a train , travel in a general coach on legs, go to the terrains of Uri and Khemkaran sector of J&K and write your next book there. You will feel the danger and toughness a soldier faces there. Don’t worry you will find many of my brothers at each and every hill top there to protect you as those poor soldiers don’t discriminate what if you have questioned their OROP?