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Benefits Given from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund.

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Penury Grant (65 Years and above) (Non-Pensioners upto Hav Rank)

Rs 1,000/-pm(Life Time)


Education Grant

(a) (i) Boys/ Girls upto Graduation

(ii) Widows PG

(Pensioners/Non Pensioner upto Hav Rank) and upto two children

Rs 1,000/-pm


Officer Cadet Grant (for Cadets of NDA only) Pensioner/Non-pensioner upto Hav Rank

Rs 1,000/- pm


Disable Children Grant

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

Rs. 1,000/- pm


House Repair Grant

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

(i)100% Disabled ESM

(ii) Orphan Daughter ESM (of all ranks)

Rs 20,000/- (max)


Daughter’s Marriage Grant (Upto 02 Daughters)

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

Widow Re-marriage Grant

(widow of Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

*if married on or after 21 Apr 16

Rs 50,000/- Per Daughter


Funeral Grant

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

Rs 5,000/-


Medical Grant

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank Nepal)

Rs 30,000/-(max)


Orphan Grant

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

(i) Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.

(ii) One Son of ex-servicemen upto 21 years of age.


Rs 1,000/-pm


Vocational Trg Grant For Widows

(Pensioner/Non- Pensioner upto Hav Rank)

Rs 20,000/-(One Time)